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Guild hall and Shopping List

by HipsterVegeta, 180 days ago


Hello all!

Just reporting in after fighting on the front lines in raid to report and give a little info on this months guild hall if you wernt able to make it. Below is just a short list of the guild hall info I thought was important and again sorry for no audio recording due to technical difficulties @.@ . With a new computer and a renewed pride everything should be in working order by next one I promise.

*PVP players we are still actively searching for a PVP officer. Please be patient but in the meantime guild pvp events will start to be planned including hardcore PVP.


*Monthly events from blizzard are starting up and so are events in guild! We will be having monthly scavenger hunts, raffles, raid achievement runs and much more coming in October. Also feel free to plan your own event, just make sure you go through Mattmurdock our resident guild events/recruiting officer to get it on the calendar.


*Guild alt raid will be starting up this week Monday the 3rd of October. This means any perspective raider for that group needs to get their ilvl up to 830 and start to prep with raid food and flasks. It is gunna be fun :)


*Last but not least we are starting a new guild initiative called the "Guild Shopping List" this is a completely optional initiative where we are just urging players that arnt actively going to sell mats they are farming on the AH and want to contribute to the guild to please do so. Again just putting out a list to let players know what we need. By no means is any donation to the guild bank mandatory. In fact we are actually tying the Guild shopping list into our monthly raffle so you can help the guild and win some gold :). For more info go to the Shopping List/Raffle page located at the top of the page.

That about does it till next guild hall, I hope to see a great turn out like before as we push further into Legion!

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Guild Hall, Legion, and The Emerald Nightmare

by HipsterVegeta, 195 days ago

Hello All,

By this time you have already taken on the Legion for a few weeks and have started to really get into the nitty gritty of the expansion and the path of being the strongest. I hope to see everyone pushing themselves this expansion and trying to be the best player they can be.

Guild Hall:

So we had our first guild hall meeting last week and it was quite the success. We, or I guess mostly I (Vegeta) talked about many things when it came to the guild and Legion going forward. This was a trial run and as such it was not recorded but in the future it will be recorded and posted on the website for refrence or if you missed them. Ill just list below some of the key things I thought needed to be known from the Guild Hall meeting and I hope to see you in the next one!

Next Guild Hall Meeting: 9/25/2016


  • Guild Events will start the month after Legion's release, We will have guild organized events but you can also plan your own. To plan your own talk with Chrono (Mattmurdock or Chronosxii in game) **only serious and determined players looking to put effort into their event will be considered as to not muddy up the calender**

  • New Guild Officers Announced, Chrono (Events/Recruiting), Vera (Discipline), Trent (Logs/Analytics/Min+Max)

  • Main group raid times reduced and hour. Was 9-1 Server time now is 9-12 Server time. Gotta get that sleep!

  • **There are more I am missing but that is the perk of having a crappy memory, recorded version incoming!**


The Emerald Nightmare Raiding + Requirements

 The Emerald Nightmare is the first raid encounter we will be facing in Legion and as such a certain benchmark will be required for all of those wanting to raid with the main team. Please remember to re-read the Raid With Us page on the site to get caught back up with raid policies that will be enforced this expansion. Below is the list of requirements to raid comes Tuesday. 

  • 840 item level
  • 3rd relic slot
  • Atleast 18 points in your main spec weapon
  • Gemed and Enchanted (Blue Gems and Top Enchants)
  • All consumables acquired (375 food, Flasks, Potions, Health Pots, and Tomes) Have enough for entire raid night.
  • Fight strats read and watched (info in forum post)
  • Make sure your PC and Net are up to snuff and Addons are updated

With this checklist completed you will be ready for raiding come Tuesday.

**If you dont meet the requirements of the list above you will not be allowed to raid**

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